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GD-2000 2000W Led Grow Light

GD-2000 2000W Led Grow Light


【NO FAN ZERO NOISE】 Designed for home growers, fans get noisy when long time use, but this LED light board use aluminum make it cooling down instead use fans,  no more worrying about fans clogging up, bring you a fanless quiet and healthy grow experience, never worry about the fan's noise will affect your pleasant feeling.

【SAVE EXTRA LIGHT】 Design with a reflective aluminum hood assists to concentrate lateral light reducing light lost outside of the targeted grow area, increase the light intensity up to 20%, light efficacy is up to 3.2umol/W, light output PPFD value is 327 umol/m² hanging at 18", allowing your plants receive more energy and without burning your plants.Contouring of the polished surface ensures no hot spots or dead spots. Smooth sealing structure to avoid scratches on your hands.

【FULL SPECTRUM】 Infinite close to natural sun light, HearGrow grow lights provide a optimized full-cycle spectrum(Contains red light 660nm, white light spectrum 3500K and 6500K, and IR 760nm), provide improved growing performance for plants all stages growing, rapid plant response from seed to flower. Uniform and wide-beam light distribution for your plant's optimal growth

【HIGH EFFICIENCY ENERGY SAVING】 Consuming only 352 Watts true output with 704 PCS LEDs, more scientifically and energy-efficient! much better than traditional 2000w HPS grow systems. Perfect for 3.5 x 3.5 ft vegetative coverage and 4 x 4 ft flowering coverage.

【HIGH EFFICENT AND WATERPROOF】 Compared with the ordinary lamp beads, the newest high efficient SMD leds on our grow light have higher light intensity, less light decay , better lumens and PAR values. Waterproof design allows our grow light working in all growing environments including wet situation, never worry about the environments in your grow tent will hurt your grow light.

HearGrow is a professional grow lights manufacturer specializing in R&D, production, sales and service. If you are a commercial grower or grow lights retailer, please join our commercial grower program or our retailer wholesale program and we will supply you with the best products at the most favorable wholesale prices.

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